2017 Part One

To accommodate the number of food trucks that were on the waiting list to get into our festival, we decided to expand the 2017 Foodtruck Wars Festival to cover back to back weekends. This allowed us to have 24 food trucks / trailers participate at our festival.

We added: Saskatoon International Folkdance Club, Prairie Ribbons Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, Ritmo Gymnastics Club, and def Sol Productions demonstrations, and a Pie Eating Contest to our entertainment package. We also brought in Canadian Wrestling’s Elite, a professional wrestling promotion based out of Winnipeg to do two shows.

Unfortunately, mother nature worked against us as it rained for most of the festival dates. The wet weather created some sloppy conditions for the festival site and we realized that we should relocate the 2018 festival to a paved site

Contest Winners

Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Winners – 1st Rebel Melt, 2nd SoomSoom, 3rd Dapper Dane, 3rd Prairie Poppin

Foodtruck Wars People’s Choice Winner – SoomSoom

Bartari Pie Eating Contest Winners –

Heat 1:

  1. Dennis Cook – 1.275
  2. Alexandra ‘Blueberry’ Kessler 1.1
  3. Jessica Stang – .9
  4. Kaishayla Acoose – .75
  5. Griffin Pachal – .75

Heat 2:

  1. Ken Kwan – 1.268
  2. Thomas Boyenko – 1.176
  3. Kyle Trost – 1.0
  4. Francis Herbison – .95
  5. Teddy Shingoose – .9
  6. Logan Wozniak – .75
  7. Leo Chang – .5

Hot Dog Havoc Results:

  1. Ken Kwan – 12
  2. Monique Morin – 8
  3. Colton Mireau – 7.5
  4. Elias Allcock – 7
  5. Greg Garand – 7
  6. Gabe Ng – 5 7/8
  7. Jessica Stang – 5
  8. Lerae McEwen – 1.5

Russian Egg Roulette Challenge – Contestants

Simon Hiatt (Shaw TV); Janella Hamilton (CTV); Quentin Nordick (Quentin’s Collectibles); Elizabeth Nordick (Quentin’s Collectibles)

And the winner was…Elizabeth Nordick!


2017 Hot Dog Havoc Champion – Ken Kwan (12 hot dogs stuffed in!) Pictured with Dave Mah, festival committee.


2017 Hot Dog Havoc Contest Entrants. From left to right, back row: Dave Mah (Foodtruck Wars); Colton Mireau; Elias Allcock; Ken Kwan; Greg Garand. From left to right, front row: Gabe Ng; Jess Stang; Monique Morin. Missing from photo: Lerae McEwan


2017 Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Winners, Coral and Dave Dallman, owners of Mad Cheddar Gourmet Grill Cheese


2017 Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Winners along with celebrity judges. From left to right, back row: Blair Farthing, M.C. (CTV); Simon Hiatt (Shaw TV); Janella Hamilton (CTV); Miranda Young (CFCR 90.5 FM); Dave Mah (Foodtruck Wars); Dr. Felicity Wills (U of S); Pat Dubois (The Bull 92.9 FM); Adam MacVicar (Global TV); Kranky (The Bull 92.9 FM); Joelle Tomlinson (Global TV); left to right, front row: Dave and Coral Dallman (Mad Cheddar Gourmet Grill Cheese)

foodtruck wars 2017 416

Pie Eating Contest Heat 1 competitors: (left to right) Jessica Stang, Alexandra “Blue Berry” Kissler, Mike (Foodtruck Wars), Kashayla Acoose, Dennis Cook (winner), Griffin Pachal, and Dave Mah (Foodtruck Wars).

foodtruck wars 2017 209

Flavour Challenge Main Entree winners Rebel Melt with guest judges.

foodtruck wars 2017 206

Flavour Challenge Main Entree winners, Rebel Melt, with Dave Mah (Foodtruck Wars).

foodtruck wars 2017 202

foodtruck wars 2017 192

Pie Eating Contest Heat 2 Competitors.

foodtruck wars 2017 080

Pie Eating Contest Heat 4 competitors: (left to right) Conor Britton, Carrie Su, Jessica Stang, Natalie Scott, Roy Gariepy, Brett Reid (winner), and Dave Mah (Foodtruck Wars). (kneeling-bottom row) Dave Soltys, R.J. Daigneault, and Dan Soltys.

foodtruck wars 2017 020

Pie Eating Contest Heat 3 competitors: (left to right) Jon MacDonald, Aron MacDonald, Dave Soltys, Yoxan “Guts” Crone, Brett Vogel (winner), Jeanette McCullough, James McCullough, and Dave Mah (Foodtruck Wars).