Food Vendors


  1. Foodtruck Wars Street Festival is scheduled for July 27 –29, 2018. The festival will include: Food Trucks / Trailers, Market Vendors, Beer Garden, Hot Dog & Pie Eating Contests, Food Truck Flavour Challenge, Talent Search Competition, Demonstrations & lots more!
  2. New improved location: Avenue C to Avenue F on 20th Street West, no admission fees!
  3. We are accepting a maximum of 16 Food Truck / Trailers; payment must be submitted with the application form. *For all food trucks / trailers that are new to our festival we require a copy of your Health, Fire & Safety and City of Saskatoon licenses before we can process your application.
  4. There will be 16 designated food truck / trailer locations, food vendors will be able to choose their location based on the order of payment received. In other words, the first paid vendor gets the first choice, the second paid vendor gets second choice & so on, with the 16th paid vendor getting the last remaining spot. *The exception to this is the festival organizers reserve the right to place trucks / trailers that have louder generators which may impact negatively on the retailers, market vendors, etc.
  5. Festival Dates & Times: Friday July 27, 2018 – 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM; Saturday July 28, 2018 – 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM & Sunday July 29, 2018 – 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Food trucks & trailers must be on site by 10:00 AM. *Please note: The Beer Garden will remain open until 11:00 PM on the Friday & Saturday and until 7:00 PM on the Sunday; food vendors are welcome to remain open the extra hours as well.
  6. Cancellation / Refund Policy – Withdrawal before May 1, 2018: 100% refund; withdrawal May 1, 2018 to May 31, 2018: 50% refund; withdrawal June 1, 2018 and later: 50% refund only if replacement is found.
  7. Food trucks / trailers must remain on the festival site for the hours of the festival stated above. There will be no move-in or move-out permitted during posted festival hours without the permission of the festival organizers.
  8. All vendors will be responsible for the disposal of their grey water & grease, absolutely no on-site disposal for grey water & grease. We will have on-site, large garbage bins for vendors to dump their bagged garbage into.
  9. There is no overnight security, if you choose to leave your food truck / trailer on the street, it is done so at your own risk.
  10. The Foodtruck Wars Street Festival, its officers, employees & volunteers shall not be responsible for any injury, loss, expense or damage to persons, goods, equipment, however caused, during the set-up, teardown or during the duration of the festival suffered by the vendor.
  11. Vendors are responsible for their own: Health, Fire & Safety, City of Saskatoon licenses and insurance coverage; the festival will not provide a refund to any vendor who is required to cease operations due to non-compliance.
  12. The Foodtruck Wars Street Festival retains the right to change the festival hours of operation as deemed necessary.
  13. There will be no power or water available on site.