Saskatchewan’s Got Talent

We are extremely excited about this new addition to our festival! This is a talent search competition that is open to everyone! If you can sing or dance or tell jokes or perform magic tricks or play a musical instrument & yes, even sing Karaoke, then we want you.

We will be rewarding the winner of this completion with a guaranteed prize of $1,000.00 donated by Bartari Video Game Bar & Restaurant! I am positive that we will be adding more prizes & bling as we line up more sponsors for this must see event.

Let’s show Saskatchewan what you’ve got!

Saskatchewan’s Got Talent – Rules & Information

Contestants must submit signed application form and $10.00 entry fee.

Contestants are only allowed to enter as an individual act once, but may also enter as a member of a duo or group act as many times as they wish. Duo or group acts cannot re-enter with the same participants.

Duo or group acts must assign one person as their contact person, this will also be the person that the festival will issue the prize cheque to in the event that the duo or group wins our competition.

Performances in the prelims & finals must be pre-approved by Saskatchewan’s Got Talent committee; Saskatchewan’s Got Talent committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.

We will not be able to accommodate electrical instruments, you may supply your own amplifier, but your set up time will be limited to 10 minutes only. We will have microphones for contestants to use, if you require your own music, you must provide it to us on an USB or on your phone. 

Performances in the prelims & finals are limited to 5 minutes, performances exceeding the 5 minute time limit will be disqualified. The $10.00 entry fee will not be refunded for time fault disqualifications.

Approved contestants must report to Affinity Credit Union Main Stage at least 30 minutes before their scheduled performance time or risk disqualification.

The Saskatchewan’s Got Talent competition will be judged by a panel of 3 judges. The judges scores will be based out of 100 points, their scores will be based on both talent & entertainment value. The judges’ scores will be displayed after each performance.

The top 15 entrants as based on the judges’ scores in the prelims will advance to the finals on Sunday.

Contestants that have qualified for the finals must register at the Affinity Credit Union Main Stage before 12:30 PM Sunday, July 29, 2018 or risk disqualification. In the event of any disqualifications, Saskatchewan’s Got Talent will replace the disqualified performers from our alternate pool.

Contestants will be allowed to perform the same act as they did in the prelims or they may perform a different pre-approved performance.

Contestants will perform in order, with the 15th place qualifier going first, 14th going second and so on.

In the event there is a tie for 1st place, the Foodtruck Wars Street Festival Committee will cast the deciding vote!

Bartari Video Game Bar & Restaurant is guaranteeing a $1,000.00 prize award to the winner of Saskatchewan’s Got Talent!

Download the entry form here: 2018 Saskatchewan’s Got Talent-Entry Form