The inaugural Foodtruck Wars Festival was held on a beautiful sunny weekend in May at the Sutherland Curling Club venue. We had 12 food trucks at the festival, and for many of them it was also their first time participating at a festival. We were introducing the food trucks to Saskatonians and at the same time introducing Saskatonians to food trucks!

The festival helped to create a real buzz about the food truck culture that most of us only witnessed happening in other cities on television. Because of the enormous interest about the food truck phenomenon our festival attracted huge crowds. In fact, almost every truck was sold out even after re-stocking as best that they could.

The Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge & the Hot Dog Havoc were unveiled at our first festival and both have remained as important segments to our festival entertainment lineup.  

Contest Winners

Foodtruck Wars Main Entrée Flavour Challenge Winners – 1st Rebel Melt, 1st Border Town BBQ, 3rd Big O’s Food Truck

Foodtruck Wars Dessert Flavour Challenge Winners – 1st Pineapple Express, 2nd Margaret’s Concession, 2nd Yumm Truck

Hot Dog Havoc Results:

  1. Derek Perrin – 13
  2. Josh Bosomworth – 12
  3. Dennis Ward – 10 ¼
  4. Adam Hawboldt – 10
  5. Tyler “Baby Panda” Ricard – 9
  6. Lucas Berg – 8
  7. Riley Russel – 7 ½
  8. J.P. Vives – 6
  9. Carl “The Swiss Machine” Knudsen – 5 ½
  10. Kingston Usher – 3 ½
2015 and older 1008

Hot Dog Havoc contestants: (from left to right) Adam Hawboldt, Josh Bosomworth, Derek Perrin (winner), Rick Mah (Foodtruck Wars), Lucas Berg, and Dennis Ward (kneeling).

2015 and older 1002

2015 and older 971

Pre-festival promo on CTV Morning Live: (from left to right) Dice Steele (High Impact Wrestling), Maleeha Sheikh (CTV), and El Asesino (High Impact Wrestling).