In 2016, we expanded our festival from a two day event to three days and added two more food trucks to help feed the masses.

We added some exciting new entertainment for the event: High Impact Professional Wrestling, Game Theory Break Dancing Competition, the Russian Egg Roulette Challenge, the Super Ron Magic Show & the Bartari Video Game Lounge!

Because of the strong attendance numbers, we decided to proceed with the festival as a three day celebration of food, fun & drink! 

Contest Winners

Foodtruck Wars Main Entrée Flavour Challenge Winners – 1st  Rebel Melt, 2nd Flavours of India, 2nd  Ace Burgers 

Foodtruck Wars Dessert Flavour Challenge Winners – 1st Pineapple Express, 2nd Cocoa, 3rd Margaret’s Concession

Hot Dog Havoc Results:

  1. Erich Johnson – 12
  2. Derek Perrin – 11 ¾
  3. Brian Foulds – 11 ¾
  4. Josh Bosomworth – 11
  5. Ken Kwan – 10
  6. Terrance Brown – 8 ½
  7. Roy Gariepy – 5 ¾
  8. Stephen Wenk – 5 ½
  9. Shaile Young Tessier – 4 ¼

Russian Egg Roulette – Contestants

Simon Hiatt (Shaw TV); Janella Hamilton (Shaw TV); Miranda Young (CFCR Radio); Gregger (98 Cool); Carly Robinson (Global TV)

And the winner was…Simon Hiatt!

2016 pictures 140

Game Theory Break Dancing Competition.

2016 pictures 162

Russian Egg Roulette Challenge contestants: (left to right) Kelly Burke (Foodtruck Wars official), Janella Hamilton (Shaw TV), Miranda Young (CFCR Radio), Simon Hiatt (Shaw TV), Carly Robinson (Global TV), Gregger (98 Cool FM), and Rick Mah (FTW official).

2016 pictures 169

Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Main Entree winners – Rebel Melt with Flavour Challenge judges.

2016 pictures 133

Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Dessert winners – Pineapple Express with Flavour Challenge judges.