Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge

A big draw to our event is the Flavour Challenge. Competing food vendors submit their selected menu items to be sampled and judged by our panel of guest, celebrity food loving judges! Come and see who will be crowned and awarded the bragging rights as 2020 Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge winner! This highly competitive competition is open to all attending festival food vendors.

Yearly Results

2019 Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Results:

Unfortunately, due to inclement weather conditions, the 2019 Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Competition was cancelled.

2018 Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Results:

1st Dapper Dane
2nd Rebel Melt
3rd Nom Nom

2017 Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Results

(Weekend 1):

1st Rebel Melt

2nd SoomSoom

3rd Dapper Dane

3rd Prairie Poppins

(Weekend 2):

1st Mad Cheddar Gourmet Grill Cheese

2nd Bannock Busters

3rd Disco Dogs


2016 Foodtruck Wars Main Entrée Flavour Challenge Results:

1st Rebel Melt
2nd Flavours of India
2nd Ace Burgers

2016 Foodtruck Wars Dessert Flavour Challenge Results:

1st Pineapple Express
2nd Cocoa
3rd Margaret’s Concession

2015 Foodtruck Wars Main Entrée Flavour Challenge Results:

1st Rebel Melt
1st Border Town BBQ
3rd Big O’s Food Truck


  • This event is open to the food vendors that are participating in our festival. This challenge is optional, but we strongly urge you to enter.
  • The 2019 SIGA Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge will take place on the Main Stage.
  • The competition will begin at 4:00 PM Sunday July 28, 2019.
  • The Food Vendors will be called in alphabetical order.
  • You are free to enter a combination of items from your menu into the competition, remember, this is a taste testing competition!
  • There may be up to 8 judges on the panel and we only want to serve each judge a small sampling. For example if you are entering a Pizza and a milkshake in the competition, you would only have to make 1 pizza (cut into 8 slices) with 8 small sized milkshakes.
  • We will try to let you know approximately what time your entry is to be ready and a Foodtruck Wars representative will bring a couple of trays to transport your entry to the stage. Please have your food / beverage samples ready before you are called up.
  • We would prefer someone from your Truck / Trailer / Booth accompany your food entry to the competition area to be greeted by the judges and the public!
  • We are trying to keep each vendor’s judging to 3 or 4 minutes, as we are trying to complete this event in 90 minutes.
  • This event has been designed to raise the profile of each competing vendor, it is designed to be fun and I’m sure it will be entertaining for the crowd! And of course, the winner will receive an engraved “SIGA Foodtruck Wars Flavour Challenge Champion” trophy, a winners sticker, plus bragging rights until the 2020 Foodtruck Wars.
  • Last year’s entries that were submitted were excellent and I am confident that this year’s entries will be awesome as well! What a wonderful array of food / beverage that we have available, you should all be proud of what you have accomplished! This competition is going to be very, very hard for the judges to score!