Pie Me! Pie Eating Contest

This entertaining event was added to the festival two years ago and has provided a lot of laughs for both the audience and contestants! Come and see who will be crowned as 2019 Pie Me! Pie Eating Champion. It could be you!

2019 Pie Me! Pie Eating Contest Rules and Regulations

  1. The contest is open to all ages, contestants under the age of 18 will be required to have their parent or guardian sign the contest application form.
  2. There is a $5.00 entry fee.
  3. There is a maximum of 8 contestants.
  4. Whoever eats the most pies in 10 minutes will be the winner.
  5. The winner will receive a Trophy & a VIP Package for Bartari Video Game Bar & Restaurant.
  6. Contestants must be registered and checked-in at least 30 minutes prior to the contest start time or risk losing their spot.
  7. After the 10 minutes of eating, the contestants remaining uneaten portions of pies will be weighed to determine a winner.
  8. All contestants will be required to wear the official contest T-shirt.
  9. A contestant will be immediately disqualified for vomiting during the contest.
  10. In event of a tie, the contestants that are tied will have a 2 minute pie eat off.
  11. The Pie Eating Judges have the final say.
  12. Oh, by the way, contestants will not be permitted to use their hands, any contestant using their hand or hands to touch the pie or the plates will be immediately disqualified. Contestants will be allowed to use their hands to drink water.

2019 Pie Eating Contest

Entrant Check-in: 2:30 PM, Contest – 3:00 PM

 Sunday July 28, 2019

Main Stage, 344 – 20th Street West

Click here to download the entry form: 2019 Pie Me! Pie Eating Application