Hot Dog Havoc

This year, Dakota Dunes Casino is proud to sponsor Hot Dog Havoc is a hot dog eating contest that has been a part of all our past festivals! If you haven’t seen a hot dog eating contest live, you must check out our 2019 Hot Dog Havoc this year. We are hoping that some former champions return to compete against any of you who think you are worthy of being 2019 Hot Dog Havoc Champion!

2018 Hot Dog Havoc contestants: (from left to right) Jayden Clarke, Roy Gariepy, Ken Kwan (champion), Xavier Duffaud, Chris Block, (kneeling) Jordan Delorme and Adam Trischuk.

2019 Hot Dog Havoc Contest Rules and Regulations

  1. The contest is open to all ages, contestants under the age of 18 will be required to have their parent or guardian sign the contest application form.
  2. There is a $5.00 entry fee, a maximum of 12 entrants accepted.
  3. Whoever eats the most hot dogs with buns in 10 minutes will be the winner.
  4. All contestants must be registered and checked-in at least 30 minutes prior to the contest start time.
  5. Water will be provided to all contestants, it is the only beverage provided. However, contestants are allowed to bring their own drinks.
  6. Each contestant will be given three hot dogs at a time.
  7. Mustard and ketchup will be provided.
  8. Partially eaten hot dogs will count, measured in 1/8ths.
  9. A contestant will be immediately disqualified for vomiting during the contest.
  10. Dunking, squashing or separating the hot dog and bun is allowed, but contestants may not touch them before the time starts.
  11. In the event of a tie, the contestants that are tied will have a 2 minute hot dog eat off to declare a champion.
  12. The Hot Dog Havoc Judges have the final say.

2019 Hot Dog Havoc Contest

Entrant Check-in: 5:30 PM, Contest – 6:00 PM

Saturday July 27, 2019

 Main Stage, 344 – 20th Street West

Download the entry form here: 2019 Hot Dog Havoc Application